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Vermont lenders: Sell VFHA your foreclosed properties

Posted Jun 25, 2009 at 3:10 pm by Craig Bailey

keyVHFA has received $7 million in funding for the Vermont Neighborhood Stabilization Program to:

  1. Purchase foreclosed single-family homes (REOs) from lenders
  2. Rehabilitate as many as we can fund
  3. Resell them to income-eligible Vermont families

Why should you sell to VHFA?
We’re committed to “doing the right thing” with all REOs we acquire! VHFA will thoroughly rehab all REOs — with special emphasis on energy efficiency — before re-selling them to income-eligible Vermont families in need of safe, decent, affordable homes to live in.

Time is limited
Time is limited for us to put this $7 million to work in Vermont. We’re committed to meet our deadlines to acquire homes and put Vermonters to work to fix them up.

We need the help of Vermont’s lending community to utilize these one-time funds. If you have REOs available for sale, contact Housing Acquisition & Rehabilitation Program (HARP) Specialist Lori Gilding.

Or … submit your REOs online.

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