8:00 am-8:45 am


8:45 am-10:15 am

Welcome/Opening plenary session

Adirondack Ballroom

Keynote by Shaun Donovan, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

10:15 am-10:30 am


10:30 am-11:45 am

Housing 101: Part 1: Introduction to Affordable Housing

Green Mountain Ballroom "A"

This workshop will provide a general overview of Vermont's affordable housing landscape, including state and federal agencies, our local and regional delivery system, basic housing issues and concepts. We'll also review resources available for first time homebuyers, the community land trust model, and Vermont's HomeOwnership Center network. Panelists: Erhard Mahnke, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition; Mike McNamara, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; Cynthia Reid, Vermont Housing Finance Agency; Cathy Semans, Windham Housing Trust

What Lies Ahead for Vermont's Housing Economy

Lake Champlain Room

Will the Great Recession be V-, U- or W-shaped? When will home prices rebound? What will this mean for new construction? Using the latest state-level data, we'll quantify the current need for affordable housing, the role of real estate in Vermont's economy, and what local housing markets can expect in 2011 and beyond. Panelists: Jeff Carr, Economic & Policy Resources Inc.; Maura Collins, Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Impacts of Mortgage Lending Changes

Green Mountain Ballroom "B"

Learn more about Loan Level Pricing Adjustments: how this affects buyers with little to no down payment and low-income households in buying a home or refinancing. We'll discuss various government programs and mortgage insurance and how they impact the current market. REALTORS earn four (4) continuing education credits for attending "Impacts of Mortgage Lending Changes," "Foreclosing on Vermont," "Lending on Non-Single Family Home" and the morning's keynote by Sec. Donovan. Panelists: Kelly Deforge, Shelter Mortgage Co.; Timothy McTaggart, Pepper Hamilton LLP

A Roadmap for Energy Efficiency

Green Mountain Ballroom "C"

Hit hard by the energy crunch of 2008, Vermont's affordable housing network is working with energy experts to plan a "roadmap" of efficiency standards needed to absorb future energy price increases and maintain housing affordability in rental housing. Learn about the roadmap and the progress being made to implement it. Panelists: Scott Campbell, Vermont Fuel Efficiency Partnership; Neil Curtis, Efficiency Vermont; Trevor Parsons, Housing Vermont; Craig Peltier, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board; Andrew Shapiro, Energy Balance

Basics of LEED for Neighborhood Development

Vermont Conference Room

Discover an emerging new certification called LEED-Neighborhood Development, which incorporates smart growth and ecological principles in community development. We'll discuss what it is, how it's been used in other states, and some examples of neighborhoods in Vermont that illustrate its principles. APA/AICP continuing education credits for this workshop. (CM | 1.25) Panelists: Jeff Arango, Arango Urban Design + Planning; Noelle MacKay, Smart Growth Vermont

Resident Empowerment Roundtable

Adirondack Ballroom

How can residents be more engaged? Participate in this interactive roundtable discussion with experienced resident organizers and service coordinators about real-life successes and challenges in a variety of housing contexts. Share your own experiences and ideas, ask questions, and get ideas from others to take with you. Panelists: Julia Curry, Champlain Housing Trust; Rick DeAngelis, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board; Shaun Gilpin, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity's Mobile Home Project; Jennifer Hunter, Cathedral Square; Jesse Kayan, Westgate Housing Inc.; Abigail Russell, Northgate Apartments

Pathways Housing First in Vermont: The First Year

Montpelier Conference Room

The Pathways Housing First model is based on the simple idea that housing is a basic right for all people. The program serves people who have psychiatric disabilities and co-occurring addiction diagnoses by providing immediate access to permanent independent housing without requiring participation in treatment or abstinence. It also provides intensive supportive and treatment services. Introducing this highly effective national evidence based program to Vermont's rural settings requires adaptation and creativity. Hear the founder of Pathways to Housing, Dr. Sam Tsemberis, and the local team discuss their work. Panelists: Hilary Melton, Pathways to Housing; Uli Schygulla, Pathways to Housing; Sam Tsemberis, Pathways to Housing

11:45 am-1:00 pm

Lunch (Included with your registration)

Adirondack Ballroom

1:00 pm-2:15 pm

Housing 101: Part 2: Major Resources for Affordable Housing Development

Green Mountain Ballroom "A"

CDBG, LIHTC, VHCB, HOME, Section 8 ... confused by the alphabet soup of housing programs and organizations? Our panel of experts will introduce some major programs used to make multifamily housing affordable in Vermont. What assistance do they provide, what can it be used for, who benefits? Panelists: Josh Hanford, Vermont Department of Economic, Housing & Community Development; Polly Nichol, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board; Kenn Sassorossi, Housing Vermont

Federal Housing Policy

Lake Champlain Room

November's mid-term congressional elections could bring major changes in Congress, affecting federal appropriations and long-awaited initiatives like the National Housing Trust Fund, Section 8 Voucher Reform, and Affordable Housing Preservation. A panel of national experts will discuss what this means for national housing policy and its likely impact on Vermont. Panelists: Joe Belden, Housing Assistance Council; Sheila Crowley, National Low Income Housing Coalition; Molly Lambert, USDA Rural Development for Vermont and New Hampshire; Richard Walega, U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development

Foreclosing on Vermont

Green Mountain Ballroom "B"

Vermont's been fairly sheltered from the national foreclosure crisis. However, foreclosures and short sales are prevalent in today's market and should be an area of concern. Experts will discuss foreclosure trends and strategies to expedite the sale process. We'll give an overview of the just-passed Vermont foreclosure mediation bill as well as nation programs like HARP and HAMP. REALTORS earn four (4) continuing education credits for attending "Impacts of Mortgage Lending Changes," "Foreclosing on Vermont," "Lending on Non-Single Family Home" and the morning's keynote by Sec. Donovan. Panelists: Sue Clark, Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administation; Russ Cooke, Prudential Realty Mart; Andy Mikell, Vermont Attorneys Title Corp.

First Things First: Preserving Subsidized Housing

Green Mountain Ballroom "C"

Federally-financed affordable rental housing is a cornerstone of Vermont's supply of rental housing. Yet thousands of units are at-risk of being lost due to expiration of restrictions, physical deterioration and other factors. This workshop will describe the preservation strategies that're working as well as discuss the considerable challenges ahead given limitations of resources and other factors. Panelists: Sam Falzone, Vermont Housing Finance Agency; Paul Stewart, Stewart Property Management; Amy Wright, Cathedral Square Corp.

Using LEED-Neighborhood Development in Vermont

Vermont Conference Room

This roundtable discussion will build off the earlier session by discussing the pros and cons of Vermont's current community designations and how a LEED-Neighborhood Development certification might compliment those. Join the conversation! APA/AICP continuing education credits for this workshop. (CM | 1.25) Panelists: Jeff Arango, Arango Urban Design + Planning; Joss Besse, Community Planning and Revitalization Division, Agency of Commerce and Community Development; Faith Ingulsrud, Community Planning and Revitalization Division, Agency of Commerce and Community Development; Noelle MacKay, Smart Growth Vermont

Challenging Changes for Housing

Montpelier Conference Room

Focusing on where supportive services and housing intersect, we'll discuss the Challenges for Change legislation and what housing providers can expect in the future. The Deputy Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Human Services will provide an agency overview and then the focus will shift to the Department of Corrections and its plans for transitional housing. A community-based housing provider will respond to the agency's plans. Panelists: Patrick Flood, Vermont Agency of Human Services; Karen Lawson, Vermont Department of Corrections; Jo Ann Troiano, Montpelier Housing Authority

Housing for New Immigrants and Refugees

Adirondack Ballroom

What are the housing challenges and needs of new immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Vermont? What do service providers and advocates need to know? What community supports are available? A variety of topics will be discussed, including affordability, fair housing issues, language and cultural barriers, and housing needs. Panelists: Jeanine Bunzigiye, Burlington Housing Authority; Yacouba Jacob Bogre, Association of Africans Living in Vermont Inc.; Kevin Stapleton, CVOEO Fair Housing Project; Tracey Tsugawa, Vermont Human Rights Commission

2:15 pm-2:30 pm


2:30 pm-3:45 pm

Housing 101: Part 3: Housing for People with Special Needs

Green Mountain Ballroom "A"

Housing and service providers face their greatest challenges serving the state's lowest income people and those with special needs: the homeless, working poor, people on fixed incomes, seniors, and people with physical and psychiatric disabilities. Learn the basics about the state and federal resources available to meet their needs. Panelists: Kathleen Berk, Vermont State Housing Authority; Daniel Blankenship, Vermont State Housing Authority; Santina Leporati, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition; Amy Wright, Cathedral Square Corp.

State Housing Policy Highlights

Lake Champlain Room

Don't have time to spend all winter under the Golden Dome? Listen to House Speaker Shap Smith and others review major housing-related outcomes of the 2010 State Legislative session and a preview of what's in store for 2011 in light of the recent election and how this might impact housing. Panelists: Sarah Carpenter, Vermont Housing Finance Agency; Kevin Dorn, Agency of Commerce and Community Development; Adam Necrason, Sirotkin & Necrason PLC; Shap Smith, Vermont House of Representatives

Lending on Non-Single Family Homes

Green Mountain Ballroom "B"

Non-single family housing has become more challenging to finance with a conventional loan. The shrinking investor appetite for non-conventional/conforming properties has brought about new guidelines and higher tiered pricing. All aspects of underwriting and pricing for non-single family properties will be discussed, including: manufactured housing, condominiums, and multifamily investment units. REALTORS earn four (4) continuing education credits for attending "Impacts of Mortgage Lending Changes," "Foreclosing on Vermont," "Lending on Non-Single Family Home" and the morning's keynote by Sec. Donovan. Panelists: Heidi Hayward Urish, Spruce Mortgage; Jason Pidgeon, New England Federal Credit Union

Rental Housing Safety and Codes: Ask the Experts

Adirondack Ballroom

The regulatory world is constantly changing. Don't be left behind. This roundtable will be stocked with experts to discuss the current state of rental housing codes, lead paint regulations, habitability, and single-family energy standards. Panelists: Jeffrey Gephart, Vermontwise Energy Services; Paul Hill, Vermont Community Loan Fund; Ron Rupp, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board

Creating Housing with Strong Economic Development Components

Green Mountain Ballroom "C"

Developing housing often means incorporating economic development components. Including mixed uses, upper stories, or historic preservation can enhance or hinder housing development. Out of your comfort zone? Learn what tools and resources are available and what should be avoided. Panelists: Kathy Beyer, Housing Vermont; Jonathan Elwell, Village of Enosburg Falls; Nancy Owens, Housing Vermont; Pam Parsons, Northern Tier Center for Health (NOTCH); Linda Ramsdell, Galaxy Bookshop

Reinventing Senior Housing for the 21st Century

Montpelier Conference Room

Do you have residents with complex service needs? Seniors Aging at Home Safely (SASH) wraps services around affordable housing, hardwiring housing to care providers as part of health care reform. Hear how SASH can be replicable, financially sustainable and help preserve supportive housing despite deficits and the demographic tsunami. Panelists: Elizabeth Davis; Molly Dugan, Cathedral Square Corp.; Nancy Eldridge, Cathedral Square Corp.; Christine Hart, Brattleboro Housing Authority; Dr. Mimi Reardon M.D., UVM College of Medicine

3:45 pm-5:30 pm

NEW! Networking reception


Too many great workshops to attend and not enough time to share your new ideas? Join us for a chance to network with the conference's expert panelists, State Legislators and other housing professionals while you enjoy beautiful views of Lake Champlain.