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Vermont median household income remained unchanged in 2012

Posted by: Leslie Black-Plumeau on 9/24/2013

The median annual income level among all Vermont households in 2012 was $52,977, according to Census Bureau American Community Survey estimates released last week.  This income level is not different in a statistically significant way from the state’s 2011 estimate, when expressed in 2012 dollars.   Looking back further to compare 2012 with 2000 shows the same stagnancy, in terms of real median household income in Vermont.   By comparison, the nationwide median has declined by 6.6% since 2000. 

These income estimates are part of last week’s release of the “1-year” results from 2012 American Community Survey.   In Vermont, this means that 2012 estimates are now available at the statewide level, for Chittenden County, and for the Burlington-South Burlington metropolitan statistical area.   Rolling averages comprised of 3 years of survey results for 2010-2012 will be released on October 24, 2013 which will cover several additional Vermont locations.  

Estimates for all Vermont towns and counties will be released on December 5, 2013 when the ACS “5-year” estimates are released  which consist of averages of five years (2008-2012) worth of survey results.