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Vermont's rental housing codes all in one (online) place

Posted by: maura on 8/18/2011

VHFA launched a new website today: Vermont Rental Housing Codes. The site provides guidance on the health and safety standards that existing residential rental housing in Vermont must meet.

“Finally landlords, tenants, and municipalities have one place to look for rental codes, instead of searching through several different websites to cobble together what applies to them,” said Executive Director Sarah Carpenter. “For most renters –and landlords – it has been hard to know exactly what applies to them and who is responsible for what. This site tries to clarify the most common questions.”

The site was developed as an outgrowth of a study committee established by the 2008 Legislature’s Act 176, which established a safe rental housing study committee, which Carpenter chaired. The committee reported on its work to the Legislature in February 2010.