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Pre-purchase homebuyer education

There are many benefits to pre-purchase homebuyer education that start as soon as you begin the home buying process and last long after you become a homebuyer. 

VHFA requires pre-purchase homebuyer education.  While VHFA requires homebuyer education, we do not provide direct homebuyer education classes or counseling.  You have several options for obtaining the level of homebuyer education required.  Discuss homebuyer education with your Participating Lender to ensure that you receive your education from an eligible source and that you complete the level of education required for your VHFA mortgage program selected.

HUD-approved housing counseling agencies 

HUD-approved homebuyer education meets the requirements for all VHFA programs.  Homebuyer education that is HUD-Approved requires direct contact with a HUD-Approved counselor.  Find this type of education through NeighborWorks of Vermont or the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, as described below.

  •  NeighborWorks of Vermont

Vermont is home to several non-profit organizations that provide HUD-Approved counseling services and other affordable housing services.  The NeighborWorks Alliance of Vermont consists of Rural Edge, Champlain Housing Trust, Downstreet Housing and Community Development, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont and the Windham & Windsor Housing Trust. 

  • U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development-Approved Counseling Agencies

    The Consumer Protection Finance Bureau, a national organization focused on home financing, maintains a list of counseling agencies approved the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Find a HUD-approved counseling agency near you.

National industry standard compliant 

National industry standard compliant education does not meet the requirements for all VHFA programs.  Consult your Participating Lender prior to enrolling in one of these courses.  Education that meets the national industry standards for pre-purchase homebuyer education, (but is not HUD-Approved) does not require direct contact with a counselor.