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VHFA Board recognizes Fairbanks, Drake

Posted by: VHFA on 5/11/2009

The VHFA Board of Commissioners today formally recognized the contributions of Public Affairs Manager John Fairbanks and General Counsel Elizabeth Mullikin-Drake.

John and Elizabeth are both completing their tenures at the Agency this month, after several years of service.

The Board passed two resolutions at its monthly meeting held in Montpelier this morning.

John's resolution reads, in part:

"John Fairbanks has been an energetic, compassionate and colorful co-worker. ... The Commissioners and Staff of Vermont Housing Finance Agency have come to value and depend upon John Fairbanks’ expert communication savvy, mastery of the written word, and promoter and supporter of affordable housing for so many.

"Vermont Housing Finance Agency offers grateful thanks to John Fairbanks for his dedication and service to the Agency for 8 years."

Elizabeth's reads, in part:

"Elizabeth Mullikin Drake’s service at the Agency has been critical to the development and success of the Agency’s mission of providing safe, decent and affordable housing to thousands of Vermonters by helping the Agency maintain a sound legal and financial foundation that inspires the confidence of investors who provide the necessary funding to support that mission.

"Elizabeth Mullikin Drake has been a true 'friend of affordable housing,' and she has helped improve the lives of so many Vermonters during her tenure."