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VHFA Commissioner Seelig receives Art Gibb Award

Posted by: VHFA on 7/9/2010

gus seeligSmart Growth Vermont announced Gus Seelig, Executive Director of the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board (VHCB) and a Commissioner of VHFA, will receive this year's Arthur Gibb Award for Individual Leadership.

The award honors the work of Arthur Gibb, often referred to as the “Father of Act 250.” Each winner must demonstrate a series of characteristics and achievements in addition to leadership: vision, commitment to public service, creativity, the ability to balance competing interests, integrity and humility.

“It takes somebody with vision to go from an idea to the comprehensive program which VHCB is today,” said Darby Bradley of the Vermont Land Trust.

“Gus also had the vision and creativity to take advantage of opportunities that came along which would leverage the State's dollars for housing or conservation, or would take on some related program that would further VHCB's overall objective.”

“Gus believes strongly that rising waters gather all boats so if his partners get recognition so will everyone else,” said Chris Hart of the Brattleboro Housing Authority.

“This recognition is then ‘shared’ with all of us engaged in the goals and work of VHCB and groups such as Smart Growth Vermont.”

Gus will be honored at the Arthur Gibb Award Ceremony Wednesday, Sept. 15 at the T.W. Wood Art Gallery in Montpelier. Tickets are $35. Register online.