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Why become a Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) Participating Lender? In today’s market, a Vermont lender stays competitive by offering loan origination options that help as many of the Vermonters that walk through the door as possible.  Our network of Participating Lenders receive program and product opportunities that only VHFA can provide. Our programs are designed to ensure Vermonters have access to financing that is fair, affordable and free of surprises. The unique advantages VHFA provides lenders include:

  • Access to Mortgage Credit Certificates.
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance grants.
  • Conventional and Government product options only available to Vermonters through VHFA’s programs.
  • Conventional loans with no loan level pricing adjustments.
  • Savings of up to $625 on the VT Property Transfer Tax due to a waiver on the first $110,000 of the sales price.

To learn more about how VHFA can help you expand your program options and how to apply to become a VHFA Participating Lender or MCC- eligible lender, contact Homeownership Department, 802-864-5743.

>> Contact VHFA to become a Lender