Vermont's "Housing Heroes"

Since 2002, Vermont's Statewide Housing Conference has celebrated the achievements and service of individuals and organizations by recognizing them through the Housing Hero Award.

Congratulations to Vermont's Legislative Housing Hero, Helen Head, and Innovation & Impact Housing Hero, Polly Nichol.


The Legislative Housing Hero recognizes a current legislator for their contributions to advancing the affordable housing industry in Vermont.

Eligible nominees are those who have made significant contributions of time and effort in furthering affordable housing in our state, who have actively participated in committees involving affordable housing legislation, have developed strong grass roots initiatives, and who make improving the lives of Vermonters through affordable housing an integral part of his/her legislative work.

The Innovation & Impact Housing Hero is one or a team of individuals (or organizations) whose leadership, vision and actions have brought about positive and lasting change in housing Vermonters. The nominees should exemplify:

  • commitment to expanding opportunities for decent, safe and affordable housing for all Vermonters;
  • outstanding record of leadership;
  • commitment to public service in Vermont;
  • vision to recognize current housing challenges and create innovative solutions; and
  • the ability to bring Vermonters together towards shared housing goals.