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Down payment assistance

Are down payment or closing costs standing between you and buying a home?

Using an ASSIST loan with a VHFA loan can help Vermonters buying their first home clear this hurdle by providing up to $5,000 to help with down payment and closing costs. An ASSIST loan is a 0%, no-monthly-payment second mortgage that you must pay back only if you refinance or sell your home! 

How it works

Your VHFA Participating Lender will work with you to determine if the ASSIST loan is best for your situation. The ASSIST loan amount cannot exceed your actual closing costs and required down payment. The uses are very flexible, and can even reimburse you for some of the upfront expenses related to your mortgage that typically have to be paid out of pocket. The ASSIST loan will not cause your principal balance to increase or require you to make a monthly payment. 

Am I eligible? 

ASSIST loans have separate eligibility requirements from VHFA's first mortgage programs. To qualify, you must be buying your first home, meet VHFA's ASSIST asset limitation and attend HUD-Approved Homebuyer Education prior to your loan closing. Please contact a VHFA Participating Lender for more information.