Chittenden County leads state in jobs to homes imbalance

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

Chittenden County has the biggest imbalance between its share of VT jobs and homes, according to recent VHFA analysis. Although 33% of the state's jobs are in Chittenden County, the state is home to only 28% of the state’s workers and only 25% of the state’s homes. This is likely caused in part by workers living in Franklin County, where the share of homes outnumbers the share of jobs, who commute to Chittenden County for work.

Washington County also has an imbalance similar to Chittenden’s, but on a much smaller scale.

Data sources include Vermont Dept. of Labor job opening tabulations. Vermont’s Labor Market Information tables on UI covered employment and labor force).  The share of homes is based on the most recent Census ACS estimates available (2016 for Chittenden and 2012-2016 for all other counties).