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VHFA reduces interest rates for home buyers

We are pleased to announce new lower mortgage interest rates for Vermonters purchasing homes through VHFA's mortgage programs.   As of Friday, September 30, 2011, the new interest rates are:

Rates for VHFA home loan mortgages drop to historic lows

VHFA lowered its home mortgage loan interest rates today to the lowest point in agency history.   As of Friday, August 12, 2011 the new rates are:

3.875% with 0 points for our government program

4.00% with .25 point  for our conventional MOVE program (4.012% APR with points)

VHFA lowers home mortgage loan interest rates

VHFA lowered our home mortgage loan interest rates today.

Our Government program — 30-year, 0 point, fixed rate — is 4.50% (4.50% APR).

Our Conventional program — 30-year, 0.25 point, fixed rate — is 4.625% (4.647% APR).

Read about VHFA’s home loan programs online. If you’re unsure which program might be right for you, we have a quick online quiz you can take to help.


VHFA multifamily mortgage bond rating returns to A+

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services raised its rating on VHFA's multifamily mortgage bonds  from 'BBB+' back to ‘A+’.   

"The upgrade is based on recent legislative changes that resulted in these bonds conforming with our moral obligation criteria," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Henry Henderson. 

Read the Standard and Poor’s press release.


VHFA hiring for two finance positions

VHFA has two exciting job openings for a Director of Bond Financing and Investments and a Controller.

Read the job descriptions on our Web site and apply by July 29.

VHFA shines in A-133 audit of Federal awards programs

KPMG has completed VHFA's A-133 audit, and the Agency passed with flying colors.

KPMG's report on compliance for VHFA's major programs was "unqualified" — a positive reflection on the Agency — and it found no material weaknesses or deficiencies in VHFA's internal controls.

Furthermore, there were no findings or questioned costs related to VHFA's federal awards.

Moody's assigns VHFA bonds highest rating

Moody's Investors Services has assigned an 'Aaa' rating to VHFA's $6.71 million 2009 Series B multifamily bonds.

The rating indicates Moody's has determined the bonds are the highest quality with the smallest degree of risk.

The Agency is converting approximately $6.71 million of 2009 Series A bonds and re-designating it as 2009 Series B.

VHFA breaks $3 billion bonding milestone

VHFA has passed a major milestone: The Agency has issued more than $3 billion in bonds to finance homeownership and rental opportunities for low- and moderate-income Vermonters.

Over its nearly-37-year history, VHFA has put that money to use helping approximately 27,000 Vermont households to buy a home and financing the development of approximately 8,400 affordable rental units.

Read more in this morning's press release (PDF).

Request for proposal: Auditor services

VHFA is soliciting proposals from independent, nationally- or regionally-recognized public accounting firms for the purpose of auditing its financial statements beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.

All details are available online.

Renee Couture moves to Finance Department

renee coutureAnother change to report in VHFA's Finance Department: Renee Couture has accepted the new position of Financial Analyst/Compliance Specialist.

Renee joined VHFA in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant, and most recently held the position of Legal Coordinator.

Read the details of her new position in our press release (PDF).


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