Housing is a “silent crisis” says new bi-partisan foundation

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

The lack of affordable housing in the U.S. has become a “silent crisis” says a new report from the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families.  The foundation, formed just last month, is led by a  bi-partisan group of business leaders, policy makers and financial and housing experts. 

“A legacy of the Great Recession, the dire state of housing in our country is a “silent” crisis often overlooked by policymakers, ignored by the media and underestimated by the general public, despite deeply impacting millions of families and clouding our nation’s future” the report explains.

A testimonial video accompanies the report, which is set in New Hampshire but could easily be based on Vermont’s housing market.  Both states suffer from high home prices, high levels of student debt and low rental vacancies.

The video also highlights the critical need for programs administered by VHFA-- the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program and tools for making home buying more affordable.