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How has the American Community Survey helped you?

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau on 6/1/2012

The Census Project is compiling examples of what American Community Survey (ACS) data mean to you and your organization.   Last month, the U.S. Housing of Representatives voted to eliminate the American Community Survey.  

More than half of the information provided for counties and communities on Vermont's Housing Data website comes from this unique resource.  

Short summaries of ACS uses (no more than 700 words) that  include the consequences of the loss of  this data for your organization and the communities that your organization serve should be submitted to the Census Project by Tuesday, June 5.    Please forward these "case studies" (with your contact information) to Brendan Nichols.  The Census Project will assemble the case studies and then distribute them to key state and national policymakers.

The Association of Public Data Users has also been curating a list of ACS Uses and Users.  Access the list on the APDU website.