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Measuring Chittenden county's housing progress

Posted by: maura on 2/7/2012

Chittenden County’s ECOS project is attempting to measure the region’s progress towards its housing goal of “increasing the opportunities for safe, decent, energy efficient, affordable, and fair housing for all types of households in diverse neighborhoods.” With such a broad goal, what data could indicate if we were on the right – or wrong – path?

VHFA and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission are inviting you to help pick the indicators that will be analyzed to gauge success in the future.

Please come to VHFA’s offices (164 St. Paul Street, Burlington) on Thursday, February 16th from 2-4pm to discuss what would be the most appropriate factors to monitor.

Right now, there are some suggested indicators for the housing goal, which is just one of over 40 indicators in the larger project of evaluating the region’s sustainability.

There are more indicators to comment on, for example there is a Social Community goal to “ensure physical access to the built environment (buildings and transportation) for all people” that clearly would apply to housing as well as other goals intended to increase diversity and public engagement.

You are welcome to comment on any of the indicators proposed online through ECOS’ website.

VHFA’s meeting on February 16th will be open to the public as a way of having a collective conversation about what data is available and what is most appropriate as an indicator. If you have any questions, please contact Maura Collins, VHFA’s policy and planning manager.