State accepting proposals for local weatherization projects

By: Mia Watson

The Vermont State Treasurer’s Office is now accepting local investment financing proposals in the areas of weatherization and housing improvement. Agencies, authorities, non-profits, municipalities, and housing organizations are eligible to apply.

The State Treasurer’s Office manages an ongoing process of local investments that began in 2014 when the Vermont State Legislature established a Local Investment Advisory Committee. The initiative aims to invest a portion of the state’s operating funds in Vermont communities, while earning a competitive rate of return. These financing projects redirect funds that were invested primarily in out-of-state government agency securities and money market accounts at large financial institutions, to local investments. The Treasurer’s Office has committed over $30 million since 2014 in energy improvements in residential housing, commercial energy projects, higher education, and in the rehabilitation of State office buildings for energy efficiencies. Pursuant to Act 188 of 2018, the Treasurer, in consultation with the LIAC, is authorized to invest up to $5,000,000 in weatherization and housing improvement.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. To view the official solicitation go to: All proposals and questions should be directed to Ashlynn Doyon, State Treasurer’s Office. She may be contacted via email at or by calling (802) 828-1451.