Upper Valley housing outlook served up by regional experts at business leaders’ breakfast

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

BreakfastIn a jam-packed hour Friday, Upper Valley leaders received the low down on the latest residential real estate market conditions facing the region.  A mismatch between the housing stock and changing needs and preferences of residents, University of New Hampshire’s Dennis Delay told the group, is likely to act as a drag on economic growth in coming years.

Buff McLaughery of Lang McLaughry Real Estate described obstacles employers face as a result of the area’s relatively high cost of living and lower prevailing salaries.  When an out-of-state job candidate compares the costs of living in the Upper Valley with other parts of the country, moving here can look economically unwise, he explained.

The Business Leaders Breakfast is a semi-annual program of the Upper Valley Affordable Housing Coalition.   Read presentation slides, packet materials about Vermont home sales and affordability or more about New Hampshire’s recent statewide housing needs study.