Vermont home sales market steady in first half of 2016

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

The median price of non-vacation Vermont homes sold during the first six months of 2016 was $200,000, virtually unchanged from 2015. Like prices, the number of sales also held steady compared to the first six months of 2015. 

Over the past five years, Chittenden County is the only county in the state to experience consistently rising median home prices. The volume of 2016 sales in Chittenden County is below 2015 levels.  However, neighboring Franklin County is experiencing higher sales volumes this year.  Franklin County sales are up 20% in 2016 compared to the first six months of 2015.

To find out more about 2016 home sales in your community, check out the Vermont Housing Data website, which was updated this morning to the reflect the latest transfer tax records processed by Vermont’s Department of Taxes.