Vermont’s condominium prices remain level between 2010 and 2015

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

Although most non-vacation condominiums sold each year in Vermont are near Burlington, several towns in other parts of the state also play an important role in this segment of the housing market. About 80 percent of all primary residence condo sales in Vermont each year take place in 10 towns--7 inside Chittenden County and 3 beyond its boundaries.

The median price of all primary condos sold in the state from 2010 through 2015 remains unchanged at $189,000-190,000, according to our recent analysis of Vermont Property Transfer Tax records. To learn more about local price fluctuations, we took a closer look at sales data in five towns. When comparing prices in 2010-2012 with 2013-2015, median prices increased in Burlington and Montpelier, stayed about the same in South Burlington and St. Albans and decreased in Hartford.