In this upbeat, interactive workshop, Heather Main of Main Wellness Works will present dozens of ideas that you can use today to reduce stress, improve your energy and overall sense of well-being. Ideas presented will be philosophical, theoretical and practical, spanning everything from details about how much water you drink at work to how you approach your bucket-list of life dreams. We’ll talk about the 6-dimensions of wellness, how to get yourself out of a low or anxious mood, time management and tons more. Join us. Everyone will come away refreshed with renewed energy and skills to take good care of themselves, driving more positive energy into all aspects of life.  To register, contact Doug Hemmings

Payment for the training works as follows: if you or your organization are up to date members of either the VT Resident Service Coordinators organization or the VT Housing Managers Association, the training (including lunch) is free to you. If you are not a member of either organization, the training and lunch are $10.00 which you can pay by check, money order or cash at check-in. Sorry, no credit or debit cards.