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Lead plumbing law takes effect Jan. 1

Posted by: VHFA on 12/1/2009

pipeVermont's Lead in Consumer Products Law (Act 193) takes effect Jan. 1., limiting the amount of lead that can be in certain plumbing supplies sold in Vermont.

If you'll be installing plumbing in your home — or plan to construct single- or multi-family housing in Vermont — it's important you understand the new law.

As of the New Year, pipes, fittings and fixtures used to transport or dispense water for human consumption cannot exceed a weighted average of 0.25 percent for fixtures and 0.20 percent for solder or flux.

Lead is a very toxic substance, especially for children, which can cause neurological damage.

A letter from Vermont Assistant Attorney General Elliot Burg (PDF) explains the law in more detail and offers links to other resources.