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Mapping comes to Directory of Affordable Rental Housing

Posted by: VHFA on 2/4/2010

map of burlingtonYesterday we substantially beefed up the mapping capabilities of the Vermont Directory of Affordable Housing (DoARH).

The DoARH, part of the Vermont Housing Data Web site, is a searchable database of all subsidized rental housing in the state — 12,826 units at last count.

Users have been able to display individual properties on a map for a couple years. Yesterday's upgrade now allows users to display multiple properties on a map.

Display all 520 properties in the database on a map. Or perform a customized search of the database by city/town, county or statewide; select from a half-dozen filter options; and then choose to display the results on a map or in tabular format.

The DoARH's mapping functions are powered by Google Maps, which allows users to zoom in for detailed views; click and drag to examine other affordable housing properties in a neighborhood; and to toggle between map and satellite photo views, or a "hybrid" view that contains both.

Users who click on any property on the map receive detailed information about the property.

"Mapping adds tremendous value to the site," says Policy & Planning Manager Maura Collins. "The more ways we can serve the information that we collect and maintain about Vermont's affordable rental housing stock, the better.

"Adding a visual element to the site allows visitors to use the data — and make connections among the data — in ways they couldn't before."

The Vermont Housing Data site is created and maintained by VHFA and the Center for Rural Studies (CRS) at the University of Vermont with input and guidance from Vermont’s housing community.

The site's designed and programmed by VHFA Communications Coordinator Craig Bailey.