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National ad campaign promotes Making Home Affordable Program

Posted by: VHFA on 8/2/2010

The Ad Council, in partnership with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, has launched a national public service announcement (PSA) campaign to encourage homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments to learn about the Making Home Affordable Program.

The PSAs direct homeowners to visit MakingHomeAffordable.gov or call the Homeowner’s HOPE hotline (1-888-995-HOPE) to see if they might be eligible for assistance and to understand options they may have to avoid foreclosure.

Making Home Affordable includes a mortgage modification program to provide eligible homeowners with more affordable monthly mortgage payments. The federal government provides free resources to struggling homeowners to help them learn about options under the program, and to work with a HUD-approved housing counselor.

Since the program launch, more than 1 million homeowners have received help.

The PSA campaign — which uses TV, radio, print, billboards and Web banners — features some of the actual homeowners who've benefited from the program.

Kaplan Thaler Group produced the campaign.

Listen to the 60-second radio PSA.