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Section I contains general information all applicants must read.  All applicants must complete and return Section II, Parts 2 and 3. Sections III through VI are specific to a single program or funding source.  Applicants should download, complete and return any of these sections relevant to their development.

Instructions and Common Application
I. Instructions 1. Overview and Directions for Common Application
II. Common Application (all applicants must complete) 2. Common Application Form
3. Combined Checklist of Required Attachments
Supplemental application materials
III. Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB)/HOME  
4. See VHCB Website for application materials
IV. Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP  
5.See the Dept. of Housing & Community Development's website for application materials
V. Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) — Housing Credits 6. Program Overview — Federal & State Housing Credit
7. Housing Credit Application Supplement
 VI.  VHFA Multifamily Financing 8. VHFA Financing Application Supplement