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After a multi-year period of stagnancy, home prices statewide are expected to increase by at least 2 percent each year for the next three years, according to Vermont’s Joint Fiscal Office and state economists.  By 2017, annual home price appreciation is likely to reach 3.4 percent.  Read more in... Read More

Celebrating VHFA’s 40th anniversary made 2014 a great opportunity to take stock of the impact of its activities across the state.

In terms of VHFA's cumulative 40-year impact, Executive Director Sarah Carpenter and Board Chairperson Tom Pelletier explained "with the pride of having... Read More

Here at VHFA, ushering in the New Year meant launching a fully redesigned web site. The new site makes it especially easy for Vermonters resolving to purchase homes this year to find information about qualifying for VHFA’s low interest rate mortgages.

The new site provides visitors with a... Read More

Act 68 applications due February 27, 2015

Act 68 applications due February 27, 2015

Do you own or manage rental property in Vermont? All Act 68 applications are due to VHFA by February 27, 2015.