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Resident Service Coordinators

Posted by: Marina Demas on 5/1/2015

Here is a great letter from Gina Berry, a Resident Service Coordinator (RSC), about what RSC's do. Gina Berry has been a RSC for eight years and writes about how 90% of her time is spent "among other others." Her job as an RSC requires her to work on a number of different tasks every single day. It is not easy to desribe all the things RSC's do but she writes that she does it because she loves it.

Also, check out the 17th Annual New England Resident Service Coordinator Conference happening on Wednesday, May 6th from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the Stowe Mountain Lodge. This training will bring together more than 400 attendees working in the affordable housing field to participate in activites that include keynore presentation by Commissioner Susan Wehry, a Flavor of Vermont event, and 54 educational workshops, many of which are led by educational leaders from Vermont. VHFA is proud to be a sponsor of this event.