Looking for an Affordable Mortgage?

VHFA provides affordable mortgage loan programs for eligible VT homebuyers. All VHFA programs are offered exclusively through local VHFA participating lenders. 

Contact a VHFA Participating Lender.

The first step is to contact a VHFA participating lender. For contact information, please visit our participating lender webpage and select a local VHFA participating bank, credit union or mortgage company.

Attend the VHFA Homebuyer Webinar!   

Join us for a FREE live webinar learn about the homebuying process, how VHFA can help, and where to get started. A mortgage originator from a local VHFA Participating Lender will be on the webinar to help explain the process in detail and answer your questions. Check back as we regularly post webinar times.

Click below to review a previous recorded VHFA Homebuyer Webinar:

Curious About How VHFA Works?