Focusing, Collaborating, and Supporting Autonomy: Key Strategies for Effective Change Conversations New England Resident Service Coordinators, Inc. (NERSC) is hosting a virtual workshop led by Ali Hall (JD) that will teach participants skills and strategies to focus a shared agenda and exchange... Read More
A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston estimates that job losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic could put 21,351 Vermont homeowner and 23,561 renter households at high risk of not being able to pay their mortgage or rent. Although many Vermonters will feel the economic impact of... Read More
Suffolk University graduate student Emerald Anderson has been named the Summer 2020 Vermont Housing Fellow. Anderson will receive a financial stipend to improve and expand information available to decision makers about Vermont housing markets and opportunities. In addition, the program is intended... Read More
The Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity in the Department for Children and Families is now accepting proposals for the Phase IV Expansion of the Family Supportive Housing program for FY21. Family Supportive Housing places families experiencing homelessness into housing and provides long-term,... Read More
Haven’t gotten around to completing the 2020 Census yet? If you did not receive materials in the mail with instructions to complete the 2020 Census, you can follow the link below, which provides comprehensive instructions to complete the process: Start questionnaire On March 12th, the United... Read More
The Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) Board of Commissioners announced on Monday the award of federal and state housing tax credits and loans to support the development, rehabilitation or preservation of 104 permanently affordable apartments in six communities across the state. VHFA previously... Read More