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Need Rental Housing?

VHFA's role

VHFA provides financing to developers of affordable rental housing in Vermont, but does not own or manage it. VHFA also does not administer rental assistance or accept applications for housing. However, many questions about rental housing may be answered through the Vermont Directory of Affordable Rental Housing, an on-line resource developed and maintained by VHFA that describes apartments subsidized through various housing programs.  See definitions of different housing programs here.

VHFA also offers several programs to help renters become first-time homebuyers.

Frequently-asked questions

How do I find and apply for affordable rental housing in Vermont?

Although each housing development may have its own application, many use the Common Rental Application for Housing in Vermont.  Please check with the manager of the property you are interested in and submit applications directly to them.

To find affordable rental housing in Vermont, search the Directory of Affordable Rental Housing and contact the rental or management agent listed.

For information on individual rental subsidies, contact your local public housing agency (PHA). If there is no local PHA, contact the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA).

Do I qualify for affordable rental housing?

Each affordable housing building financed by VHFA has unique rules regarding income limits and tenancy restrictions. Each building's rental or management agent can tell you about any requirements or income restrictions in effect.

How can I find an accessible apartment for someone with a disability?

The Directory of Affordable Rental Housing is a listing of all affordable housing in Vermont. Searches can be tailored specifically for wheelchair-accessible units.

How do I apply for Section 8?

Section 8 tenant-based vouchers are rental subsidies that can be used in any decent, modest apartment. Tenant-based subsidies move with a tenant from one qualified apartment to the next.

VHFA does not administer or accept applications for the Section 8 program. Learn more from HUD about the Section 8 program in Vermont that administer this program.

I have a Section 8 tenant-based voucher and want to move to Vermont.  How do I find an apartment?

Sometimes households with Section 8 tenant-based vouchers can move to other states and maintain their rental assistance. Contact the public housing authority currently administering the voucher and ask for assistance moving to Vermont.

I'm having trouble paying my rent and might be evicted. Who do I call?

The Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) offers intervention to help prevent eviction and to assist homeless individuals and families in finding permanent housing. Services include tenant education and counseling, tenant/landlord advocacy, promotion of the need for affordable and/or emergency housing, and information about possible homeownership opportunities.  View AHS' list of providers.

Can you help me find a mobile home?

The Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development maintains a listing of Vermont's nonprofit and cooperatively-owned mobile home parks and of vacant lots in these parks.

I can't pay for my heat. Can someone help me?

Assistance may be available through the Crisis Fuel Program if a household experiences a heating crisis. A heating crisis is defined as when:

  • There is no fuel;
  • Fuel is very close to running out; or
  • A disconnection notice has been received from the electric company, and electricity is required to run the heating system

Contact the local Community Action Agency for help. Crisis assistance is available at night, on the weekends, and during holidays.

What are my rights as a tenant?

All VHFA housing must comply with all applicable federal and state Fair Housing laws.

The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity runs a statewide program called Vermont Tenants Inc.  A Renting in Vermont handbook is available that explains all rights of tenants and landlords.

I think I've been discriminated against in my housing. How do I file a complaint?

All VHFA housing must comply with all applicable federal and state Fair Housing laws.

The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity runs a statewide program called the Fair Housing Project. Learn how to file a complaint or more about fair housing rights by visiting their website.

How long is the rental housing waiting list?

Each housing development in Vermont is managed independently. Therefore, the waiting list for each housing project is managed separately.

Not every rental housing development has a waiting list. Contact each rental or management agent to determine if there is a waiting list and how long it is. They can also advise whether the waiting list is "open" (i.e. accepting new applicants).

There are separate waiting lists for tenant-based rental assistance programs such as the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. To find out if the waiting list for that assistance is available and how long the waiting list is, contact the local PHA. If there isn't a local PHA, contact the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA).  


There is help such as shelter and food through nonprofit, community organizations.  Call 2-1-1 to get a list of all of Vermont's local homeless shelters.