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Staff Directory


Baird, Michelle

Manager of Bond Financing and Investments
Phone: 802-652-3405

Black-Plumeau, Leslie

Research and Community Relations Manager
Phone: 802-652-3429

Brouard, Joe

SQL Server Report Writer and Analyst
Phone: 802-652-3418

Carpenter, Sarah

Executive Director
Phone: 802-652-3421

Castine, Robin

Multifamily Operations Analyst
Phone: 802-652-3448

Clark, Lisa

Assistant Director of Finance
Phone: 802-652-3430

Collins, Maura

Deputy Director
Phone: 802-652-3434

Connors, Tom

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 802-652-3436

Curley, Kathy

Multifamily Housing Management Officer
Phone: 802-652-3457

Demas, George

General Counsel
Phone: 802-652-3459

Edson, Diane

Senior Underwriter
Phone: 802-652-3427

Erdelyi, Joseph A.

Director of Development
Phone: 802-652-3432

Everest, Sara

Web Developer
Phone: 802-652-3458

Garland, Brittany

Financial Analyst / Compliance Specialist
Phone: 802-652-3417

Gilding, Lori

Office Manager
Phone: 802-652-3404

Gronlund, Steve

Director of HR and Administration
Phone: 802-652-3413

Harder, Matthew

Staff Accountant
Phone: 802-652-3407

Howley, Brenda

Legal Coordinator
Phone: 802-652-3464

Jean, Rick

Manager of Information Systems
Phone: 802-652-3441

Johnson, Victoria

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 802-652-3400

Keniston, Darren

Mortgage Loan Analyst
Phone: 802-652-3463

Kimball, Thomas

Phone: 802-652-3437

Kvasnak, Heather

Manager of Business Development
Phone: 802-652-3424
Fax: 802-863-5422

LaFond, Pat

Loan Servicing/Reporting Specialist
Phone: 802-652-3445

MacAskill, Chris

System Analyst/Network Administrator
Phone: 802-652-3455

Martin, Jennifer

Phone: 802-652-3462
Fax: 802-863-5422

Mead, Josh

Operations Coordinator
Phone: 802-652-3456
Fax: 802-863-5422

Mossey, Carolynn

Loan Servicing Specialist
Phone: 802-652-3401

Nelson, Zach

Business Development Coordinator-Homeownership
Phone: 802-652-3461
Fax: 802-863-5422

Noyes, Madison

Graphic Design Intern
Phone: 802-652-3403
Fax: 802-864-8081

Philbrick, Erin J.

Multifamily Housing Management Officer
Phone: 802-652-3443

Plank, Ann-Marie

Multifamily Housing Management Officer
Phone: 802-652-3408

Purcell, Robert

Financial Analyst/Investment Specialist
Phone: 802-652-3439

Roy, Kimberly A.

Director of Asset Management & Compliance
Phone: 802-652-3433

Santerre, Jacklyn R.

Director of Homeownership
Phone: 802-652-3446

Slade, Josh

Development Underwriter
Phone: 802-652-3414

Thibault, Polly

Loan Servicing Manager
Phone: 802-652-3419

Tieso, Andrea

Multifamily Housing Management Officer
Phone: 802-652-3465
Fax: 802-864-5746

Watson, Mia

Research and Communications Coordinator
Phone: 802-652-3453
Fax: 802-864-8081

White, Will

Social Media Intern
Phone: 802-652-3403
Fax: 802-864-8081

Woodward, Sarah

Development Underwriter
Phone: 802-652-3478
Fax: 802-864-5746