The ABCs of ADUs: An Informational Webinar

By: Caroline Rubin

AARP Vermont and HomeShare VT are co-sponsoring a free informational webinar with housing experts and Burlington Planning & Zoning staff on Thursday, June 4th from 12- 1PM.  

The webinar will address the benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), share architectural design ideas, the latest zoning regulations passed by City Council, and the steps required to get an ADU permitted and built in the city of Burlington.

ADUs are small houses or apartments that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence.  This once-popular home type is re-emerging as an affordable and flexible housing option that meets the needs of demographics such as older adults and young families.

ADUs have benefits such as providing necessary housing for parents, adult children, grandchildren, and other loved ones, as well as providing a way to downsize one’s own property while a tenant or family member resides in the second unit.

Speakers for the webinar will include Kelly Stoddard-Poor, AARP; Eli Spevak, Orange Splot LLC; Meagan Tuttle, Burlington Principal Planner; Kirby Dunn, HomeShare Vermont; Missa Aloisi, Architect