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Census Bureau releases detailed data on 109 racial and ethnic groups in Vermont

Posted by: Leslie Black-Plumeau on 4/12/2012

Last week, the Census Bureau released information never before available—detailed population and housing information from the 2010 Census, such as age, relationship and homeownership for census tracts, towns, counties, and the state level.

Although the vast majority (97%) of Vermont households are headed by someone who is white alone, 8,000 households affiliated with a wide variety of non-white racial and ethnic groups. The largest of these household groupings (3,040 households) identified themselves as "American Indian and Alaska Native alone or in combination with one or more other races". The next largest groupings were households who identified themselves as "Asian alone or in combination with one or more races" (2,572 households) and "Black or African American alone or in combination with one or more other races" (2,066 households).

Among Vermont households who identified exclusively with a single country outside of the U.S., the most prevalent were Mexican. As with virtually all minority groups in the state, the rate of homeownership among these households is much lower than for white households—41%.

VHFA’s research staff, Leslie Black-Plumeau and Maura Collins, will continue to analyze these data and are available to discuss their work further.

Read the Census Bureau’s press release.

Vermont households identifying with a single foreign country

Households Homeownership rate
Mexican 631 41%
Puerto Rican 584 44%
Chinese 583 57%
Spaniard 296 76%
Vietnamese 26 53%
Korean 172 45%
Cuban 158 54%
Japanese 149 55%
Filipino alone 138 54%
Colombian 80 51%
Argentinean 59 58%
Peruvian 58 60%
Dominican 56 32%
Thai 48 44%
Bhutanese 43 0%
Ecuadorian 40 53%
Chilean 35 66%
Pakistani 32 59%
Salvadoran 30 33%
Guatemalan 25 40%
Burmese 25 4%
Honduran 22 41%
Nepalese 21 33%

Data source: Census 2010, Summary File 2.