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VHFA’s Sarah Carpenter attends White House convening on affordable housing

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau on 10/18/2011

On October 12, VHFA’s executive director, Sarah Carpenter, joined housing finance leaders from other states and from the National Council of State Housing Agencies at a White House convening on affordable housing. 

HUD organized the forum primarily to engage key stakeholders in the results of the 20 regional convenings it held this past year, the FY 2012 HUD budget, and the American Jobs Act.  

HUD Secretary Shaun Donavan stressed the importance of the housing community uniting in an effort to secure the maximum possible funding for federal housing programs.  He urged groups not to “fight over the pieces… their share of the pie” but instead to “speak as housers, with one voice in support of more resources overall.” 

Donavan also reviewed the key differences between the House and Senate on HUD program funding levels for FY 2012. Review these differences.

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