Asset Management - Guidance

Capital Needs Assessment Guide 
Capital Needs Assessment Approved Vendors
Common Rental Application for Housing in VT (not for housing vouchers) 
Insurance handbook for multifamily properties
Replacement Reserve Surplus Cash Distributions


Financial Requirements

ACH withdrawal authorization form
Audit memo
Audit requirements -- Audits are due 60 days after the end of the project fiscal year
Operating budget instructions
Operating Budget worksheet
Quarterly Project Summary (Form 808)
Replacement Reserve/Project Cost Escrow/Residual Receipts/Project Operating Account Form (Form 814)
Supportive Service Budget
Supportive Service Plan


Housing Credit Forms - DUE Feb 28th



Housing Credit Income Limits

VHFA Fair Housing questionnaire 2022 Average Income limits
VHFA LIHTC questionnaire 2022 Income limits & rents
Owner's Certificate of Continuing Program Compliance Calculate Income limits here
VHFA LIHTC Compliance Monitoring Status Report Average Income - Income Limits FY'21
Owner's certificate of extended use period compliance 2021 Income limits & rents (30-50-60-80)
VHFA LIHTC extended use period status report

2020 Average Income Tests – Income limits

Average Income Policy

Average Income Worksheet

2020 Income limits & rents (30-50-60-80)
Documents to Submit for E-File Review - VHFA; Evernorth; VHCB; USDA Guidance 2019 Income limits & rents (30-50-60-80)

Housing Credit Guidance

Housing Credit Templates
Fact sheet: Extended use period (post year 15) Employment verification form
H.R. 3221: Housing & Economic Recovery Act of 2008 Full-time student eligibility form
Housing Tax Credit Year 15 Policy --Details on compliance monitoring after Year 15, incl. Qualified Contract Process Resident annual self-certification
IRS 8823 Audit Technique Guide Student status verification form
VHFA LIHTC Compliance Manual Tenant income certification form
Tax Credit compliance memo --Third party verifications Under $5,000 asset certification form
IRS Regulations on Compliance Monitoring Zero income certification form
VHFA Housing Credit Forms for On site Inspections
LIHTC compliance monitoring tenant file review

VT Funder Alignment documents to submit electronic file reviews


Management onsite review checklist
Project inspection form
Unit inspection form
VHFA Inspection Guidelines 2020.Oct.  
VHFA CoVID-19 Health Assessment  


Important Information

HUD Notice H - VAWA Act of 2013
HUD-5380 - Notice of Occupancy Rights under VAWA
HUD-5381 - Emergency Transfer Plan
HUD-5382 - Certification of Domestic Violence
HUD-5383 - Emergency Transfer Request
Acknowledgement of Receipt of VAWA Documents
VAWA Lease Addendum (form 91067)
Federal Disaster Announcements