By: Mia Watson

March 19, 2020

VHFA is aware that many homebuyers, current homeowners, and property owners may have questions and concerns about buying a home or paying their mortgage during the COVID-19 outbreak.  To address these issues, VHFA has compiled a list of resources:

For homebuyers

VHFA staff will continue to be readily available to support lending partners and provide information to potential homebuyers.  We do not expect disruption to daily operations or web access. Vermonters preparing to buy a home with VHFA financing should continue to work with their participating lender, who can best advise them on navigating the approval process during this time.

For homeowners

If you are a current homeowner with a VHFA mortgage and are struggling to pay your mortgage during this time, we encourage you to contact your servicer with questions.

Additionally, if you have a mortgage with a lender other than VHFA, we have published a list of resources that you can contact for support.

For multifamily property owners

VHFA is in routine contact with property owners and will continue to communicate to them the steps the Agency is taking to speed up and automate payments and reduce any regulatory burdens possible. We are working with federal officials with hopes we can allow some vacant rental units to be available to high risk individuals who are currently staying in congregate homeless shelters.


If you are struggling in other ways, we encourage you to contact Vermont 211, which can help navigate access to food, shelter, medical services and other vital resources.

We encourage you to visit VHFA’s website to find the latest updates to our programs.