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In the kitchen with VHFA

Posted by: VHFA on 7/22/2008

Yesterday we published VHFA's first healthy cookbook.

"In the Kitchen with VHFA" is part of the Agency's on-going wellness initiative to encourage better nutrition and exercise among staff members.

Despite the variety and quantity of less-than-healthy treats that might be in evidence at any given VHFA celebratory gathering, the staff actually has a number of tasty and healthy recipes in its repertoire.

The cookbook, compiled by Human Resources/Office Manager Martha Panton and designed by myself, contains 20 recipes submitted by staff — everything from soups, salads, salsas and pasta to fish, meat, vegetarian dishes, beverages and baked goods.

Culinary consultant on the project was Howard M. Dishes. (Can't find him on the official staff directory? Say his name outloud. Now do you get it?)

A limited number of printed booklets were made available to staff, but we're making a PDF of the cookbook available here.

Bon appetit!