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Burlington's question #8 passes

By: VHFA on 3/8/2011

The City of Burlington's Question #8 passed 4,102/1,753 during last week's Town Meeting Day.

You might remember from last week's post ("VAHC urges 'Yes' on Burlington's Question #8") the question dealt with sending a message to Montpelier urging the Legislature to pass a bill protecting at-risk assisted Vermonters and their housing.

The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition thanks everyone who helped out with its “Save Our Homes” campaign — especially those who donated money to get fliers to more than 15,000 Burlington households, as well as create lawn signs.

The efforts help to support the proposed state legislation that would require owners give tenants longer notice and establish a fair, consistent process for estimating the value of a property to ensure the sale price is actually the fair market value. This will not cost owners anything, but will allow time for a housing organization to purchase the building, or for tenants to find new homes.