Conference speaker spotlight: Karen Horn


This is the latest of several quick bios we'll blog of speakers scheduled to appear at the Vermont Statewide Housing Conference, Nov. 18 in South Burlington.

Read about other speakers scheduled to present at the event and register to attend at the conference Web site.

Karen Horn is Director of Public Policy & Advocacy for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, which represents all 246 cities and towns in Vermont. She advocates on planning, zoning, governance, energy and environmental as well as labor, public safety and finance issues.

Previously, Karen worked at the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs and for the Executive Office of Communities and Development in Massachusetts in their economic development set-aside program, including a year as director.

Karen received her BA from McGill University in 1978 and her MA in international relations from the University of Vermont in 1982. She also serves on the Moretown Elementary School Board, as chair of the Moretown Energy Committee, vice chair of the Vermont Law Enforcement Advisory Board and on the Planning Coordination Advisory Group (advisory to the Vermont Downtown Board).

Karen will be presenting at the conference as part of the State Housing Policy workshop.

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