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By: Chad Simmons

September 1, 2023

Manns Meadow Flooding

Many Vermont households were displaced after July’s flooding and are in need of housing. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is seeking information from current rental/residential, multi-family property owners and managers in order to provide temporary housing to eligible FEMA applicants. FEMA’s Multi-family Lease and Repair (MLR) program is a form of temporary housing assistance to repair or make improvements to existing multi-family residential properties and offered as temporary housing to eligible households impacted by the flooding. The properties must be available for a term of no less than 18 months, with the option of a lease extension and able to accommodate many people in one location. The site must be repairable to local, state and federal regulations within a four-month period and cannot be located in a floodway. 

MLR is not intended to repair or improve individual units to rehouse existing tenants and is not available to hotels, hospitals, nursing homes or similar buildings. 

For more information and for a detailed list of questions to respond to and criteria for eligibility, click here.