By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

February 1, 2023

University of Vermont (UVM) graduate student Magali Stowell Alèman (she/her) has been named the Spring 2023 Vermont Housing Fellow. The Vermont Housing Fellowship program is intended to provide the Fellow with valuable experience aiding her professional development. Stowell Alèman will receive a financial stipend to conduct housing research and help update information on VHFA’s Housing Data website (


Stowell Alèman is pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Administration at UVM. She also works for the City of Burlington as Burlington Lead Program Intern & Application Specialist.  Her prior work experience includes faculty-directed research on weatherization programs for manufactured home communities in Vermont, assisting the UVM Center for Rural Studies with the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment for Northwest Medical Center, the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity’s Housing Advocacy program and the UVM Mosaic Center for Students of Color.     

The goal of the Vermont Housing Fellow program is to cultivate interest among graduate students in Vermont-based affordable housing careers with a specific goal of growing the diversity of experiences and perspectives used when thinking about housing needs. The program provides students in Vermont and beyond with the opportunity to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to practical, real-world settings.  The Agency plans to appoint a new student to the fellowship each semester. 

VHFA is currently accepting applications for the fellowship for the Summer semester of 2023. Please contact VHFA’s Human Resources Department ([email protected]) for more information. Candidates must be graduate students enrolled in an accredited program. Internship course credits may be available through his or her university or through the University of Vermont’s Public Administration program. For information about University of Vermont credits, please contact Julie Starr at [email protected].

For more information on the VHFA Housing Fellowship Program, please visit: