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VAHC urges "Yes" on Burlington's question #8

By: VHFA on 2/28/2011

The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition (VAHC) urges Burlington voters to vote "Yes" on Question #8 in tomorrow's Town Meeting Day vote.

The question asks whether or not to send a message to the Legislature to pass a bill protecting at-risk assisted Vermonters and their housing.

VAHC used donated funds to distribute more than 15,000 flyers to Burlington residents and post lawn signs to help get out the vote.

In addition to asking residents to vote "Yes" tomorrow, VAHC is looking for people to hold signs at the polls and help spread the word online about the vote.

For more information, contact VAHC's Erhard Mahnke at erhardm@vtaffordablehousing.org, or 802.660.9484.