By: Alexis Carpenter

We are overjoyed to announce Leslie Black-Plumeau's well-deserved promotion to Director of Research and Community Relations at VHFA. Leslie Black-Plumeau was VHFA’s Research and Community Relations Manager. She has worked in research and community outreach roles at VHFA since 2004. Her expertise, dedication, and drive for excellence have elevated our work and cemented her as an invaluable asset to our team. 

Her team oversees VHFA communications, outreach to communities, policymakers, housing stakeholders, and data collection and management, and authored the 2020 Vermont Housing Needs Assessment. Black-Plumeau has 35 years of professional experience in program evaluation and public policy research and has worked as a professional consultant in policy analysis. Before coming to VHFA, she worked as a Senior Program Evaluator at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Black-Plumeau currently serves on the housing committees for South Burlington and Winooski, Vermont. She has a Master’s degree in public policy from the State University of New York at Albany and a B.A. in economics from Mount Holyoke College.   

Lelsie Black-Plumeau

Over the past two decades, Leslie's journey with VHFA has been remarkable. She has been at the forefront of many significant achievements, contributing profoundly to our internal team dynamics and the broader community we serve. Her relentless dedication and exceptional accomplishments have made an incredible mark, and we couldn't be prouder of her growth and the impact she has made. 

As Leslie steps into her new role, we are confident in her ability to continue leading with the same passion and effectiveness that have been her hallmark. Her exceptional leadership, kindness, and mentorship skills are admired within VHFA and recognized and respected in the community. We eagerly look forward to supporting Leslie in this new career phase and are excited to see the heights she will take us to with her invaluable contributions. Here's to many more years of success and collaboration with Leslie Black-Plumeau at VHFA!