VHFA launches Vermont Housing Fellow Program

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

Caroline Rubin, a graduate student at University of Vermont, has been named the inaugural Vermont Housing Fellow by VHFA.  Rubin will receive a financial stipend to improve and expand information available to decision makers about Vermont housing markets and opportunities. In the process, she will gain valuable experience aiding her professional development.

“Creating this fellowship is an example of VHFA living its mission of promoting and financing affordable housing,” said VHFA Executive Director Maura Collins. “We want to invest housing resources where they are most needed and Caroline’s background positions her to make significant contributions to VHFA’s research and community development efforts. She will have the opportunity to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to practical, real-world settings.” 

Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, Rubin has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Vermont and is currently completing the final semester of graduate work required for a Master of Public Administration degree.

The goal of the Vermont Housing Fellow program is to cultivate interest among graduate students nationwide in Vermont-based affordable housing careers with a specific goal of growing the diversity of experiences and perspectives used when thinking about the housing needs in Vermont.

VHFA’s Housing Fellow program provides students in Vermont and beyond its borders with the opportunity to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to practical, real-world settings.  This program is a new, permanent fellowship offered by VHFA, and the Agency plans to appoint a new student to the fellowship each semester for the coming years. Candidates of color, those from outside Vermont, and historically underserved populations who are interested in affordable housing in a rural state like Vermont are encouraged to apply.

Please contact VHFA’s Human Resources Director Steve Gronlund (sgronlund@vhfa.org) for more information. Candidates must be graduate students enrolled at an accredited program. Internship course credits may be available through his or her university or through University of Vermont’s Public Administration program. For information about University of Vermont credits, please contact Julie Starr at jstarr2@uvm.edu.