VHFA recognizes employee volunteers

By: Mia Watson

VHFA is proud to recognize staff who participated in the Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) in 2018.

As part of our mission to finance and promote affordable, safe, and decent housing opportunities, VHFA encourages its employees to lend their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within our communities. The Employee Volunteer Program allows all regular VHFA employees one additional day of paid Combined Time Off each calendar year to volunteer in a community program.

VHFA staff member Erin Philbrick wrote, “My sons Aiden, Quinn and I went to volunteer at the Franklin County Animal Rescue (FCAR). We helped with all the routine chores of caring for the sheltered cats – feeding, cleaning cages, doing laundry and socializing with them.  Of course we all enjoyed the socializing part the most, but it also felt good to give our time to help make their time in temporary shelter more bearable.”

Ten VHFA staff volunteered a total of 64 hours in 2018, a value of over $2,700. Participation in the program has increased steadily over the past three years.

Below are some of the organizations where VHFA staff have volunteered:

Pathways Vermont

Mount Mansfield Universalist Unitarian Fellowship

American Red Cross

Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects

US Maher Friends

LUND Kids A Part

Franklin County Animal Rescue

Dragonheart Vermont

Youth Services Opportunities Project