Your feedback needed for Vermont’s Plan to End Homelessness

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

Want to help end one of our state’s most serious housing problems?  Take a look at the on-line version of Vermont’s draft plan to end homelessness and share your comments and ideas about solving homelessness among Vermonters.   

In June, the Vermont Plan to End Homelessness Committee selected top goals and strategies.  But they need your help to build a strong foundation for moving forward.   

Comments on the draft plan should be emailed to VHFA’s Maura Collins before Tuesday, July 24th.  In addition, please email Maura any best practices that your agency and/or local continuum of care believe should be included in the plan, such as Ready-to-Rent Workshops, Back Rent Program, and the housing-first model. 

Vermont’s Plan to End Homelessness Committee consists of the following members:

Homeless Providers:  Kimberly Woolaver (GSH), Jeanne Montross (HOPE), Deborah Hall (RCHC), Rita Markley (COTS), Martha Sassarossi (COTS), Jonathan Farrell (COTS)

Advocacy Organizations:  Auburn Watersong (VT Network), Rachel Batterson (VT Legal Aid), Denise Bailey (VCIL)

State & Quasi-State Agencies:  Angus Chaney (AHS), Shaun Donahue (AHS), Monica Hutt (AHS), Brian Smith (AHS), Maura Collins (VHFA), Rick DeAngelis (VHCB), Daniel Blankenship (VSHA)