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Most Vermonters are likely to choose living in smoke-free housing

By: Leslie Black-Plumeau on 8/12/2015

The latest Vermont Department of Health survey indicated that nearly 60% of Vermonters would be more likely to choose living in a smoke-free building over a similar building in which smoking was permitted.

There was even greater support for limiting smoking in building entryways; roughly 80% of survey respondents supported limiting or outright prohibiting smoking in entryways. 

In light of the clearly harmful effects of smoking and secondhand smoke exposure on human (and pet!) health and the importance of smoke-free policies to most Vermonters potentially looking for rental housing, the Vermont Directory of Affordable Rental Housing operated by VHFA now describes the smoke-free policies of nearly two-thirds of the state’s affordable rental housing complexes. 

For property managers who have not yet indicated if your property has a smoke-free policy, please be sure to update your project profile in the directory.

Email tobaccovt@vermont.gov for more information about implementing smoke free housing policies or to order free signage to promote and help enforce your existing policy.