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Thriving Communities: Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont

Posted by: Marina Demas on 8/14/2015

A new campaign called Thriving Communities: Building a Vibrant, Inclusive Vermont has just been launched. The Fair Housing Project of the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity serves as a central organizer of the campaign. This effort is a comprehensive and multi-organizational statewide campaign to promote affordability and inclusiveness as a mainstay of flourishing communities across Vermont and beyond. This campaign will reach out to public officials, ordinary citizens, planners, developers, business owners, entrepreneurs and others. The goal is to stimulate conversation of inclusive and affordable communities and to create appropriate changes that will help fulfill many positive community development objectives. VHFA is proud to be a partner of this campaign. Check out their website (including a blog of the latest news) as well as their Facebook and Twitter page to learn more!