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New neighbors in VHFA’s future?

Posted by: Leslie Black-Plumeau on March 8, 2012 - 1:29pm

Plans for the final development of the block across from VHFA’s offices took a leap forward recently.  On Tuesday, Burlington voters approved the creation of a tax increment financing district to help projects such as this in the city's downtown area.

According this week’s Seven Days, construction of a new 130-140 room hotel is planned on the block bordered by Main, St. Paul, King and Pine streets, incorporating the historic Armory building on Main Street as the hotel’s entrance.  The biggest constraint on the number of hotel rooms in the building are the constrained parking options, explained developers at Redstone Construction.

Plans include a uniquely asthetic parking garage design. Because one of the garage’s floors will front on St. Paul Street (pictured), the exterior view of the garage will look like storefront-type windows that will serve as “mini art galleries.”



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