Managing agents

Asset management and monitoring

As part of its ongoing obligations under its bond issuances, VHFA monitors housing projects for:

  • Long-term financial viability
  • Property maintenance
  • Program compliance
  • Preservation of market value
  • Long-term affordability

HAP contract administration

VHFA's monitoring responsibilities include direct HUD HAP Contract Administration for Section 8 rental subsidy payments. VHFA also shares HAP Contract Administration for some units with the Vermont State Housing Authority.

Housing Credit monitoring

VHFA is responsible for compliance monitoring for all Federal and State Housing Credits.

Preservation agreements

VHFA actively negotiates preservation agreements with property owners. The goal of these agreements is to preserve, extend or transfer properties into long-term affordability. This is accomplished by providing new or deferred loans, restructuring current debt and allocating Housing Credits. This allows for improved cash flow, and rehabilitation of aging rental properties.