Bobbin Mill, Burlington VT

VHFA's servicing and monitoring relationship with its multifamily borrowers is proactive. VHFA is interested in the ongoing financial and physical well-being of each property in its portfolio and is also available to offer advice and ideas on topics, such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Supportive services
  • Tax assessments
  • Insurance costs
  • Capital needs
  • Housing Credit compliance issues

Forms and other tools

VHFA uses a variety of tools to stay informed about the status of each property. Those tools include budgets and annual audits. Read the instructions and form templates for each of these on our Forms and Documents page.

Additional requirements

VHFA requires that all project bank accounts be established as separate and identifiable for each property and that they be federally insured. VHFA also requires joint signatory authority on disbursements from the replacement reserve account.

For maintenance and improvements expected to exceed $7,500 in cost, please solicit and submit at least two bids prior to completing the work or making purchases.  However, in an emergency, please proceed immediately with repairs and notify VHFA as soon as possible.

Proposed property management services must be acceptable based on the experience and capacity of your agent. All management agreements must be approved in writing by VHFA and contain a provision that it is subject to termination, with cause, upon VHFA's written request

Liability and hazard insurance must be maintained, including business interruption coverage as outlined in VHFA's insurance handbook.

Contact us

Multifamily asset management staff is available to review specific documents and answer any questions regarding loan closing requirements.